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Enabling Frictionless Data with Core Workflows

According to an online article entitled, "Siloed Data is Killing Your Data Analytics." it states that the average enterprise has almost 500 applications. These applications, with their siloed databases (Systems of Record) cannot communicate with each other. The article goes on to say that these data silos are killing productivity in enterprises.

There needs to be a solution where multiple applications function as one, with frictionless data movement between the silos. To do this the "System of Record" must be tied together with the "Systems of Engagement" (SOE). Definitions from an IBM article entitled, "Systems of Engagement & the Enterprise" are as follows:

"Basically, Systems of Engagement refer to the transition from current enterprise systems designed around discrete pieces of information "records" to systems which are more decentralized, incorporate technologies which encourage peer interactions, and which often decentralized, incorporate technologies which encourage peer, and which often leverage cloud technologies to provide the capabilities to enable those interactions."

This massive requirement for an SOE that integrates SOR's and Cloud based services together, is fulfilled by CWF. An all-in-one dashboard is what CWF offers. It is a multilinked dashboard where all screens are linked with sophisticated nested searching capabilities, well beyond conventional dashboards. Yet a dashboard, while necessary, is still only part of the solution. You also need to web-enable legacy systems, through the Core Server Platform. Plus mobile clients are needed, to offer an integrated mobile solution on the go.

Only Core Workflows has put all the pieces together to offer a complete solution, based on streamlining business processes through our unique Quad Screen Workflows. Frictionless data flow only becomes a reality when you have both the interface and the platform that enables it. The problem is so pressing and Core Workflows has the only viable solution to address it, placing us in a unique situation to offer many packaged workflows to address the requirements of many verticals.

The Core Server functions as the central hub where all data inputs come into the server and then get outputted to desktop and mobile, thick and thin clients as depicted below:

Frictionless Data


The following screen capture is a Workflow that ties the separate silos of a CRM, an Email Server and a Map Database together. It enables three systems to function as one. The top two screen (Accounts & Contacts) come from a CRM database. The third screen, bottom left, comes from an email server. The fourth screen, bottom right, comes from a map server.